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Holydays is time to relax. This article is a very good overview of main nashional holydays of England, Russia and USA.

There are many national holydays in England. There are New year’s day, Boxing day, Easter, May day, Christmas and others. The most popular holiday is Christmas. It is a religion holiday. It celebrates on seven’s of January. Every year the people of Norway give the Londoners a present. It is also a big Christmas tree that stands in the middle of Trafalgar Square. It is decorates with toys and colored balls. Central streets are beautifully decorated too. The shops are very busy too. People want to buy presents for their family and friends. They also sent greeting cards to their relatives. People buy a lot of food for Christmas party. There are many Christmas traditions. For example: tradition that children must get socks to the wall and parents will get presents in it. Men buy presents but in that time women cook the Christmas meal. The most important meal is Christmas dinner. For Christmas dinner usually eat: turkey, potatoes and green vegetables. Than they have the Christmas pudding. It is a sweet pudding with a lot of fruit. At five o’clock it is time for tea and Christmas cake. Children usually have a lot of fun in this time. They wish their relatives “Merry Christmas”. The day after Christmas is Boxing day. On that day people visit their relatives and friends. They didn’t work on that day. It is a sport’s day. Many people on that day watch sport on TV, some people play football, tennis and other sports. Now people from all over the world celebrates New Years day. It is on the 31st December. It is the greatest holiday in Russia. But my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving day. People celebrates this holiday with family. On this day people thanks the God for all they have. It is a religion and very fun holiday. On that day people also eat potatoes, salad, cakes, pudding and other food. But traditional food of Thanksgiving day is turkey. So you see that thanksgiving day is the finest of the religion holidays.
Автор: blits94

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